Four Tips for Creating a Balanced Family Dynamic

Maintaining stable, long-term family balance requires effort from the whole team. All it takes is one family member to throw off the whole dynamic. Think of your household as a baby mobile. It rotates smoothly over the cradle in a perfect circle when undisturbed, but if you hit one of the arms, the whole mobile will be thrown off course. 

At CFTS, we help families #BeComplete through compassionate, evidence-based couple, child or group therapy, but we don’t stop there. With our holistic approach, we work to ensure your life is just as positive and productive at home as it is in the treatment center. That said, here are a couple ideas to help keep your family unit close-knit and balanced. 

Group Meetings

The most direct way to find solutions regarding family imbalance is through honest and open conversation. It can be difficult to discuss certain topics out of the blue, but keeping things bottled up inside is much more detrimental. Having a reserved time every two weeks or once a month to chat as a group can help. Maintain structure by checking in on grades and discussing schoolwork. Find out who’s been falling behind on chores lately and who’s been responsible. Dig even deeper and ask your children if they feel happy or if they have anything on their mind that’s bothering them. The longer and more genuine your group meeting, the better. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings! 

Game Time

From board games like Twister and Yahtzee to yard games like frisbee and football, you can stabilize your family balance by simply letting loose and having fun together every once in a while. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and seriousness of life, so although your family’s schedule might be hectic, taking an hour or two every few weeks to let off some steam and lighten the mood might help your overall dynamic. 

Additionally, if your family struggles with holding genuine conversations like the ones mentioned above, activities like this allow for minimal talking while still creating a sense of teamwork, collaboration and fun!

Family Dinner 

It doesn’t matter if it’s an elaborate home-cooked meal or McDonald’s — try to eat dinner as a family as often as you can. Children and adults alike love to feel heard and appreciated when talking about everyday things, like their day at school or work. We often get so caught up with extracurriculars, appointments and places to be that it becomes a challenge to make time for loved ones during the week. If dinner time together is a possibility for your family, make it happen as much as you can and watch as you become a more united group over time. 

Individual Quality Time

Although it’s important to spend time together as a whole family, if you have multiple children, you should show them how much you care about each of them as individuals. Designate a time during the week and dedicate it to quality time with one of your children. Pick an affordable activity or hobby they love, then take the time to talk and listen to them. This is a great way to build stronger relationships, make your child feel special and create conversation in a fun setting where they’ll be comfortable enough to share their thoughts with you.

These are just a few ideas for boosting the balance within your household. 

Got any other tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments!